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We are always pleased to hear from people with Ladybird books to sell, and have a reputation for always offering a fair price. The condition of the books is always important, for newer books we would be looking for books in very good or fine condition. The edition of the book is the other main consideration. Mainly we are looking for first editions or early editions, but with more popular items we are always interested in any edition. All books MUST have their spines intact. We do NOT buy Ex-Library copies normally. 

Below are those editions which we are most interested in buying:-

401 - Rhyming Stories - Especially early editions, with their original wrappers. 
413 - Fairy Stories and Rhymes - First 11 books in series ( esp. in original wrappers) 
417 - Wonk - 'Circus' only, especially with wrapper. 
455 - Uncle Mac - (NOT 'In the Wilderness' or 'Beside the Sea'. Wrapper preferred). 
497 - Editions in dustwrappers please, but NOT 'Beaky Greedy Duck', Mick Disobedient Puppy', or 'The Sleepy Water Vole'.
536 - Nature series. Especially required - 'What to look for' series by Grant-Watson - Illustrated by Tunnicliffe 
561 - Adventures In History(1st and early editions in excellent condition). 
563 - Learning to Read - especially the earlier/1st editions in their original wrappers 
606d - Well Loved Tales - original editions with original illustrators ONLY please. (Please state last title to rear cover of book and price/tally no.). 
622 - The Ladybird ABC


Tell us about your book(s)...

Mainly we are looking for hardback books, except where titles were only produced in card wrap editions, and first editions or early editions.

We have a reputation for always offering a fair price and will always respond to your enquiry - but please note that we do NOT offer a general valuation service and we do not purchase everything that is offered to us. Books should only be brought into our shops with prior agreement.

What our suppliers say:-

"I had a wonderful  transaction with Sonia at Stella & Rose’s books in October 2014. The whole process was extremely smooth from start to finish, they were extremely helpful and informative about what I needed to do to make the process easy and swift, they also acted with an extremely high level of integrity throughout and they paid me for my books within hours. If you have quality books to sell, deal with these people. They are excellent in all respects!" D.B.

"Of all the online Book Companies I chose Stella and Rose's after reading very good reviews and must say you have lived up to them. Many thanks!" S.G.

"Pleased the books arrived ok, and even more pleased with your excellent revised offer!! Thank you for being so honest (which is a quality that is hard to find, in this day and age). Thank You for your total professionalism and honesty - it has been a pleasure!" D.G.